The Year She Disappeared

A novel by Ann Harleman

Nan and her four-year-old granddaughter Jane are taking their first airplane trip together, flying from Seattle to the East Coast. But this is no ordinary excursion. Nan is abducting Jane. Nan’s own daughter, Alex, believes Jane’s father has been sexually abusing her, and she’s asked Nan to take her away, to hide her. Just for a few weeks, Alex promises. Just until she can manage to leave her husband, a charismatic and well-respected surgeon, and get temporary custody of Jane. And Nan, believing in her always well-organized daughter’s plan, agrees. But when she and Jane arrive in Providence, things begin to go wrong.

“This sophisticated damsel-in-distress tale stars sexy 60-year-old widow Nan Mulholland…a perceptive, witty, and self-involved protagonist. Harleman’s wry humor and vivid descriptions are in play throughout.”
                                                                           —Publisher’s Weekly

“A contemporary suspense thriller, complete with kidnapping, chase scenes, changed identities, a high-profile court case, a jailbreak, and a love story. Yet there’s nothing typical about any of these elements….The novel’s action moves between Nan’s present and past, creating a rich portrait of a woman who jettisons her daughter’s plan in favor of her own navigational instinct.”
                                                                                 —Boston Globe

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