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Watch for Ann’s review of The Need, by Helen Phillips, in the Boston Globe

This year marks Ann’s sixth as a Final Judge in Fiction for the Northern California Book Awards

Ann’s story, “Thoreau’s Laundry,” has been selected for the Reading List in Literature and Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital

Ann’s recently completed novel, Tell Me, Signora, won the 2018 Elixir Press Fiction Award and will be published by Elixir Press in 2020.  This novel is the story of Kate Hagesfeld, a recent widow who goes to Italy just after 9/11 to restart her career as an archaeologist, and gets caught up in an effort to aid illegal refugees.  Despite its serious themes, Tell Me, Signora shines with humor, the pleasures of food and wine, and delicious sex scenes.  This is Italy, after all!

Ann’s short story “Benessere,” excerpted from Tell Me, Signora, appears in the Summer issue of The Georgia Review.

Look for Ann’s discussion of Communication in You Can Be a Winning Writer: the 4C’s Approach to Author Success, by Joan Gelfand, just out from Mango Publishing Group

Look for Ann’s essay, “Beneath the Surface,” in Idol Talk: Women Writers on the Teenage Infatuationw that Changed Their Lives, ed. Elizabeth Searle and Tamra Wilson, just out from McFarland & Co.